JUNE // 17 // 2015


Hey Y’all,

Lately I’ve had the uneasy feeling that my life was spiraling out of control. I felt lost, unfulfilled, and un-purposed.  I’ve taught, and listened to, many Bible lessons regarding finding your God given purpose, and I’m about 90% sure that I have finally figured it out.  I’ve even figured out my ultimate goal and dream in life, yet, I couldn’t seem to figure out how to get there.  Knowing what you want is easy, but the actual steps it takes to get there is where the real work comes.  That’s where you have to really know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, what motivates you, and what actually works for your true you.  FYI – if you don’t have any sense of self, reaching your goal and purpose is nearly impossible.

Understanding that my discomfort was due to not knowing what I needed to do to fulfill my true happiness, I made a plan with a friend (who was experiencing the same thing), to sit together and come up with our plans to conquer life!

So I went to her house for our meet up, she did her homework, and completed her plan, but me…nothing! I could not muster the energy to pen the things I needed to do to reach my happy.  I jotted these things down, in my notebook, with an ink pen I hated, by the way (that should have been a sign) then took a nap.

1.  Phd

2. Finances

3. Purchase a home

Pitiful, I know…

You see, the way my thought process is set up, for me to be fully functional, I have to have structure.  I can’t just sit down and start writing, I need an outline, a plan!  A plan for my plan, if you may.  Where my Type A’s at?

Back to my lack luster of an attempt to reach fulfillment….My Pow Wow Plan Meet-up was a bust and I had no other plan to make a plan.  A vision board was out of the question, because they just don’t work for me.  The last vision board I made was propped up on my chest of drawers.  One day the A/C kicked on and I watched all of my magazine cut out dreams, taped to a $1 poster, slowly fall to it’s resting place, behind the chest of drawers, to never see life again.  I don’t like vision boards, they are a waste of my time.  I want to do something, I write it down, I do it.  Simple, right? Well why couldn’t I complete that simple task this time?

One day I stumbled across a blog post from Katey Mcfarlan, who I follow on Instagram for fashion purposes.  One of her posts, titled 101 in 1001, gave me the push and outline I needed to finally get some order in my life!  You simply list out 101 things you would like to complete in 1001 days.  It took me 3 days to complete my list.  After goal 29, I couldn’t think of much more I wanted to do in 1001 days, but I pulled through and got it done!  I’ve included a few of my 101 below, but kept a few to myself because they are a bit more personal than others.

Start Date: June 17, 2015

End Date: March 14, 2018


Girl’s trip to London

Go hiking at Zion National Park

Take a trip with my mom 🙂

Travel to Serengeti for Migration

Go to a Lakers game at Staples before Kobe retires ( I may need to book this ASAP, time is running out)

Travel to Dubai

Visit Napa

Visit and Camp at Yosemite


Write Spiritual posts every Sunday for one month

Host “Pretty Girl With Pretty Curls Meetup” once per quarter

Create YouTube Channel

Attend one networking event per month for 3 months

Create detailed descriptions and style suggestions on H2 website


Take a public speaking class

Join Toastmasters

Enroll in PhD Program


Purchase riding bike

Complete MS150

Workout 3 days a week for 2 months

Drink only water for one week, for 3 months (No coffee)


Journal every day for a month

Read 2 books per month for 6 months

Take lunch to work every day for 2 weeks

Finish every goal on this list

Join/Donate to Lamar University Alumni Association

Learn Spanish ( I would prefer French because it’s so sexy, but I live in TX, and Spanish is necessary)

Send 5 handwritten “Just because” letters

Clean and arrange all of my files on my laptop

Shop Farmer’s Market once a week for 2 months

Inspire someone else to participate in 101 in 1001 [June 18, 2015]


Save $20 for every goal reached

Pay my bills on time! (I’m late for EVERYTHING!! When did this happen to me?)


Mail a handwritten birthday card to all friends and family for a year

Send someone flowers, just because


Eat brussel sprouts [June 21, 2015]

Cook Sunday Dinner every Sunday for a month

Take a cooking class [July 15, 2015]

Learn and cook 5 vegan or pescatarian meals

Make homemade biscuits (I’m southern)

Learn how to cook Mustard Greens without the fat and pork (Don’t Judge me, once again, I’m from the South)

Plant small herb garden [July 26, 2015]


Visit The Potter’s House in Dallas

Read the book of Revelations in its entirety

Teach a Sunday School Session on the Book of Revelations


Join a wine club

Go to a Niner’s game, to see Kaepernick

Go to a Cowboy’s game, to see the Cowboys

Treat myself to a pair of Nude “So Kate”

Host, or attend, a flower arranging class

Attend Round Top Texas Antique Fair

Go to the Buffalo Soldier Museum

Pick Tulips at the Texas Tulip Field

See The Nutcracker

Find an organization to volunteer my time

Watch “Power” from the beginning ((It’s only Season 2, but I have failed several times with watching Season 1 on Netflix)

Shop a garage sale/thrift store ( I have reservations about wearing clothes or re-using things that strangers wore and used, but I like old things) [July 11, 2015]

Take an African dance class [August 6, 2015]

Learn to swim

Go to the Houston Zoo

Go Golfing (Top Golf doesn’t count) [June 27, 2015]

Participate in #100DaysofHappy

Take a makeup class

Writing your goals and dreams holds you accountable.  Have you done any of these things on my list?  I hope this encourages you to start your 101s!

Thank you for taking time out of your lives, to read about mine!  Until next time…

~ xoxo

♥ Starr

My God, I place my plans in your hands for you to use me as you may.  God I ask that you allow me to fulfill your purpose in me.  In Jesus’ name.  



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