Cooking with Trisha

I love great food!  I’m starting to realize that I prefer to cook great food in the comfort of my own kitchen (well, when I get my own kitchen), as opposed to spending the extra money dining at a restaurant…….every night. 

As many may relate, I have a few “go to” recipes that always get the job done when I can’t think of anything else, or in a time crunch, which typically consists of anything salmon related.  I mean, I have recipes stashed away, but who has the time when you can simply put salmon in the oven, season it with salt, pepper, and olive oil, topped with lemon juice, add a side of asparagus, and call it a wrap!  

Truth be told, I am very interested in adding more recipes to my recipe app, and learning cooking tips and techniques.  When writing the 101 goals I strive to achieve in 1001 days, I included attending a cooking class, which I am proud to say that I booked, paid, and attended.  We cooked (and ate) recipes from Trisha Yearwood’s cookbook, Trisha’s Table, which was included in the cost of the class.

Location: Williams-Sonoma, River Oaks

In Attendance: Myself, My Sister Friend (Mythicktofitdiary), and a few other older women.


Sweet-Pea Burgers – This burger is an excellent option for the non-meat eaters.  If you have kids, or adults, who prefer not to eat Sweet Potatoes if they are not topped with tons of sugar and marshmallows, then this is a great way to sneak this super food in their tummies. Topped with avocado, you can’t go wrong.  

Gwen’s Cole Slaw – I have always stood firm in the fact that I DO NOT eat coleslaw.  Even though I’ve never eaten a bite of it in my life, I could not be persuaded, and by the way, I love cabbage.  Crazy, I know. Some things about me cannot be explained.  Don’t question it, just go with it.  Anyway, because I paid for this class, I decided to give it a go, and turns out the slaw was not too shabby.  So good that I made it for a potluck at my church, buuttt I got a little heavy handed on the relish.  Better let next time, though. 

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake – This recipe is probably by far the best cake I have ever had!  The secret is to indulge right out of the oven.  Nice and warm.  Yum! I baked this cake for my church’s pot luck and baked muffins for my mom, for convenience, she says. Lol  










If you ever have an opportunity to partake in a cooking class, I strongly encourage you to attend.  This class will not be my last.

Happy Eating, Y’all



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