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The below is a transcript from the In My Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast // #WordUpWednesday – Knocking Walls Down// Aired on September 13, 2017

In my days of solitude, I’ve realized that I have created a huge wall around , not simply my heart, but all of me!  I created this wall and disguised it as boundaries. Trust me, boundaries are absolutely necessary, but they are there to protect your space and your peace.  Boundaries are easier to move and adjust.  This wall has not only kept people out, it has locked me in.  This wall keeps me from feeling, connecting, loving, and even disliking.  This wall has made me feel nothing.  I at times, do not allow myself to feel; which was the driving factor behind the podcast episode “Mask Off”.  A friend recently told me to simply let-it-go and let those emotions out and allow my hear to fell and love.  Our heart does what it’s supposed to do, when we let it and not try to dictate and control it’s job duties.  So, why do we build walls?  For protection, right? I see it this way: a wall doesn’t just become a wall overnight, it takes time and effort.  It develops over time.  Each lie we’re told, we lay a brick.  Each time someone breaks our heart, we lay a brick.  Each betrayal, we lay a brick, until a wall is built.  Exactly how that wall is built, piece by piece, is exactly how that wall comes down, piece by piece.  Also it’s important to understand that we don’t start building these walls when we become adults, this wall can build and develop in childhood.  When we see our fathers leave our mothers, we lay a brick. Every time our fathers don’t show up when they say they will, we lay a brick of distrust for men.  When our mothers compete with us or tell us that we’re getting fat, our hair is hard to manage because it’s nappy, we lay a brick of disconnection to other women.

These walls we have up start very early and our built piece by piece.  The only problem with that is, it can take YEARS for that wall to come down, causing you, me, us to miss out on blessings, opportunities, and people that were sent to better and increase us.  Don’t get me wrong, we should definitely protect ourselves.  Everyone is not deserving of your heart, soul, spirit, energy, or even your time, but we must use our spirit of discernment and vulnerability to determine who we should open up to.  Sometimes we have to risk it all and take the plunge.  We have to put ourselves out there and become available, but tread lightly.  I can say that each time I’ve let my wall down (And there haven’t been many times), I never once regretted it.  My regret comes when I try not to feel and miss out on the love.  I can honestly say that it’s truly better to love than to not love at ll.  So, how do we really know who we should let our wall down for?  Truth be told, we don’t.  We let them do the work.  We definitely shouldn’t make it impossible, but we should make them work for us.  We make them prove themselves to us.  We judge each person individually by THEIR behavior and not by the last person’s actions.  We have to make a decision as to whether or not we will allow someone else in. We have to decide to slowly pull the wall down.  If the result is not exactly what we intended, we accept it and move on.  We are resilient.  We can get through heartbreak.  If you’ve done it once, you can do it again.  If you’ve loved once, you can love again.

I’ve made the mistake of letting that wall define me.  It changed me.  I’ve become cold, standoffish, and untrusting.  I don’t like the person I’ve become.  I don’t like that I don’t allow myself to feel.  The very thing that I think I’m protecting, is the best thing about me.  It’s what makes me, me.  My heart, no matter how tender it is, my compassion, regardless of how limitless, and my ability to love and accept others, regardless of they have treated me (Proceeding with caution, of course), is what makes me the person I am.  It is who God created me to be.  We must stop going against God’s natural order and creation, and be who we were created to be, lovers!  Love heals all.  Don’t miss out on your blessing because of what someone else did and how someone else treated you.  Remember that behavior had, and has, absolutely nothing to do with you.  It has everything to do with the other person and the agreements they have made with themselves.  Don’t ever give anyone the power to change, control, and dictate who you are.  You have that power! You own you, so go out there and own the world and LOVE!

Thank you and God Bless you all!


♥ Starr

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. ~ Proverbs 4:23

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#wordupwednesday – mask off

The below is a transcript from the In My Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast // #WordUpWednesday – Mask Off // Aired on July 26, 2017

A few weeks ago was the beginning of a big melt down for me.  For the new booties just tuning in, I recently moved from Houston, TX to the East Bay Area in California.  It has been the most necessary and rewarding, yet hardest, thing that I’ve ever done.  I knew that with the move would come a new and evolved me, due to growth and development, but as you all know (if you don’t know yet, you will soon know. because we all, one day, must face growth) with growth comes loss.  Loss of comfort, things, and people.  People you thought would be with you for always.  I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t know who, when, why or how.  Shortly after my move, I ended a 17 year relationship (9 years as friends and 8 years as committed partners) with the man who I thought I was going to spend my life with.  I also removed myself from a 15 year friendship with someone who violated my trust TWICE.  The second time was AFTER I spoke with her, sister to sister, about the first violation, then turned around and did the same thing again.

So, for those keeping count; I moved half way across the country, alone, to an unfamiliar place, away from my family, friends, favorite restaurants, tailor, dentist, mechanic, everything that was familiar.  I broke up with the one person who knows me better than I know myself.  That sounds a bit cliche’, but it’s the absolute honest truth.  I parted ways from a sisterhood that I cherished, with a person I talked to every day.  I got to Cali and realized that I am literally starting over.


Like most women, although all of this was transpiring, I never showed it.  I continued to get up and go to work with a smile on my face.  I continued talking on the phone to friends, joking, listening to their issues, providing kick ass advice, encouraging them, being a listening ear, sharing the beauty of Northern California with my social media followers, only to immediately log off and cry.  I would hang up FaceTime calls and bury my face in a pillow and cry.  I walk out of the office building, get in my car, strap on my seatbelt, and cry before I reversed out of the parking spot!  I remember getting in the shower every night and letting it all out.  The shower was my favorite place to cry because it was cleansing, literally.

This went on every other day, approximately, for 3 weeks, but n one knew.  There are 2 people that I speak with on a daily basis via FaceTime.  When I finally divulged this information, they were both in shock and  both asked “Where was I?”, not knowing that they were there in the middle of my storm, the entire time!  But, as women do, I hid it.  Maybe I didn’t want anyone to see me cry.  I was teased and reprimanded a lot for “crying too much,” both by family when I was younger, and an ex used to get annoyed when I cried, so I hid it.  Maybe I hid it because they would possibly ask questions that I didn’t have the answers to.

Truth be told, at the time, I had no idea why I was crying.  I don’t know why my heart felt so heavy.  I initially thought that I was homesick, so I booked a flight a week later.  I was back in Texas! Back with old and new familiar friends, back to driving down Westheimer and seeing family.  The weekend was amazing, but as soon as I boarded the plane, the tears flowed….for 3 hours!! It was at that time that I realized that I was not simply homesick.  I had been homesick before, when I went 2 hours away to college, but this was different.  Plus this feeling went on for about 2 more weeks.  I study psychology, so I knew it wasn’t depression.  I also knew that whatever it was, I had to go through it.  In my talks with God, I didn’t ask to remove the hurt. I wanted to feel it.  I wanted to experience it.  I knew that feeling it would remind me of that moment, when I made it out.  I wanted to remember what it felt like to be in a place that would ultimately make me a better person that I was at that moment.  With great pain, come great triumph and the same way I want to live in the triumph is the same way I want to live in the pain.  I realized that instead of pretending like everything was okay, giving the strangers the best part of me, but saving the worst of me for myself, I decided to tell my close friend what was going on.  My sister friend gave me the space to cry, in front of her.  We talked it out and both realized that what I was going through was a mourning.  A mourning of my previous life in Houston.  My previous friendship(s) and my previous relationship.  I decided to call and speak to my ex about the hurt.  I faced it.  No more pretending like I was fine.  It was important to me that I expressed my hurt and anger to those who were a part of the hurt and those who were a part of the healing, including myself.

I want to give you a few tips to help you get through your next melt down.  One will come, but prayerfully with these tips, we can prevent the explosion:

  1.  Recognize what you are feeling.  Be aware that your emotions are on a rollercoaster.  Recognize that although you may not know what the root of the issue is (and that’s okay) but you are cognizant of the change in your mood and behavior.  This comes with knowing who you are and not accepting the notion that your just having a bad day or going through PMS (A male friend suggested this to me.  *insert eye roll emoji).
  2. Feel it.  Whatever “it” is, allow yourself to feel it.  Don’t drink it away.  Don’t smoke it away.  Don’t sex it away.  Learn from Solange and feel it.  Go through that shit.  How will you know how good it feels when you get to the other side, if you never felt how bad it was?
  3. Face it.  Sometimes the hard ugly truth is that you were the cause of the melt down.  If so, face it!  Don’t run from it.  Don’t put the blame on anyone else.  Face yourself.  If your situation is like mine, call the culprits up, not out.  We call them up to lift them and not ridicule them. Face those people and tell them that they hurt you. It’s up to them how they receive it.
  4. Get yourself a support team.  Sophia A. Nelson called it in her book, “The Woman Code,” your Front Row.  The people who will call you and let you cry over the phone with no judgement and no interruptions.  Remember that in order to have a solid front row, you must be a great participant on someone else’s front row.

I’m learning that it’s okay to let others see you hurt.  We don’t have to pretend that everything is okay when it’s not.  Vulnerability is a sign of strength.  When we hide from our emotions they will eventually surface and create bigger issues.  Mask off and face real life like a boss!






If you are experiencing constant and consistent sadness and depression, please consult a mental health specialist.  


december // 12 // 2016

InMyOpinion Cover ArtEPISODE 11:  hashtag black love                                                       GUEST CO-HOST: dr. ashandra batiste, ricky cumby, and misha granado

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I am a sucker for apparel with a message! If you are, too, then run to Klean Goods and shop their site.  The sayings on their goods and apparel are uplifting, empowering, and very witty.  I’m taking a short trip to Belize in a few weeks so I ordered this bag to carry around the island.  I can’t wait to get it.


So about the show…..

You may recognize Dr. Ashandra Batiste from a previous podcast, Episode 04. She came into the studio (twice mind you. Don’t get me started…) with her hubby and volunteered to come back and discuss black love.  I, of course, took her up on that offer.  I had a few previous shows about the struggle of single men and women, so why not get a strong black couple in the studio and give hope to the single peeps out there!

I wanted to provide another POV to the show, and I was referred to Misha Granada, a relationship consultant!  Misha taught us so much on self love and the importance of loving yourself to attract love from another!


(I really was happy, you just can’t tell.)

Listen in to the show, (pt. 1 and pt. 2) to hear what we all had to say about love, marriage, dating, blended families, and sex on the first date!

Contact Misha here.

You can see Dr. Batiste and her hubby Ricky every Friday, on Bravo’s Married to Medicine, Houston AND for all of your dental needs, find her here!

Tell them I sent you!

To hear the next show, live, click GMT Radio, and listen in every Wednesday from 7-9pm! Call me and Speak on it, at 832-220-3383!

Thank you all for tuning in!!

♥ Starr

In my Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast

Recorded at GMT Radio Studios in Houston, TX

Listen to Pt. 1 of the Hashtag Black Love episode here.


and Pt. 2 here….


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InMyOpinion Cover ArtEPISODE 10:  The Black & white of pro sports                                                       GUEST CO-HOST: daniel ware

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On Thanksgiving, my cousin showed me the cutest Black Santa Coffee Mug, and I had to have it! After surfing the Black Art Depot website, I noticed that they have a ton of amazing items, black art, Christmas cards, and calendars!  Surf their site and find some great stocking stuffers!



 So let’s get to the show….


This episode is my first LIVE episode!

Every day of my life is filled with some type of conversation about sports with my guest co-host! As a result, I invited him to the show to speak on the topics we talk about.  So, we touch on a few hot topics in the sports world: Phil Jackson vs. LeBron, Eric Dickerson vs. Jeff Fisher, Colin Kaepernick vs. Everybody!  How do these topics relate to Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, and Fidel Castro?  Tune in and find out!

To hear the next show, live, click GMT Radio, and listen in every Wednesday from 7-9pm! Call me and Speak on it, at 832-220-3383!

Thank you all for tuning in!!

♥ Starr

In my Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast

Recorded at GMT Radio Studios in Houston, TX

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NOVEMBER // 28 // 2016

InMyOpinion Cover ArtEPISODE 09 – girl talk/”hot mess” topics                                                        GUEST CO-HOST: Shunda Green-Edwards and charisma popillion

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black business highlight-Coloured Raine

For all of my ladies, out there, who love lipstick, lipgloss, etc., you have to try out Coloured Raine Cosmetics.  They not only offer lipsticks/lipgloss, but they have eye shadows and nail lacquer.  My favorite Matte Lip Paint is “Classy.”  Browse the site!



Lately, I’ve been giving beauty tips about bedtime behavior and this episode is no different.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I love to sleep in white, whether it’s my pajamas or my comforter.  We all know that a good night’s sleep usually ends up with us not looking our brightest in the morning, but trust me when I say that white pajamas, specifically, a white top, instantly brightens you!  I’ve linked a few pairs of white pajamas for your shopping pleasure.






So let’s get to the show….

Girl talk

I’ve met a lot of people, and a lot of personalities, on this journey, and I can’t say enough how img_1970important it is to have a group of people around you who motivate you, and inspire you to be your best!  This week’s co-hosts are giving us their opinions on women having it all, the importance of a good strong supportive girl group, balancing work-life-family-God, and what they think about the You Name It challenge.


Thank you all for tuning in!!

♥ Starr

In my Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast

Recorded at Barron Studios in Houston, TX

Music Cred:Poddington Bear
Song: Anthem Summer
Website: Poddington Bear

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In addition to the Monday Episodes, the podcast can be heard LIVE, every Wednesday from 7-9pm and daily from 8-10am on  You can also live stream the show through the TuneIn app.  ALSO, the listeners can call in (832-220-3383) and offer their opinions on the topics.  Check out the lineup for the remainder of 2016.


Relationship Expert, Misha Granado, MPH, MS

Married to Medicine Houston Stars Dr. Ashandra Batiste, DDS and Husband Ricky Cumby


Pastor Marcus Lincoln – Second Missionary Baptist Church, Freeport, TX


Comedian, Shabaz “Playtime” Ward

Comedian, Ben Jackson

Comedian, Brannon (B. Watts) Watson

Rapper, Lil Jairmy


Mt. Olive MBC, Rosharon, TX – Young Adult Ministry (YAM) Members

* All episodes will be aired on iTunesSoundCloudGooglePlay, and TuneIn, every Monday

NOVEMBER // 21 // 2016

InMyOpinion Cover ArtEPISODE 08                                                         GUEST CO-HOST: TINISHA WILLIAMS

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I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, growing up.  I remember how glamorous I thought she was.  The wigs, the clothes, the furs, she had it all!! She loved perfume!  Her bedtime routine was to spritz a little bit on herself before bed or dab on a little perfumed powder, with the pillow puff.  I picked up that habit, as an adult.  I like to choose a fragrance that is soft and girly and spray a small amount after the shower, right before bed.  I believe bedtime should be a comfortable yet sexy experience, so the perfume ups the ante.  I seem to sleep better, and my boo thang has no complaints!  My current perfume is from Urban Outfitters.  They have a pretty cool selection at a reasonable price.  I love the Macaron Rosé, which I have linked here.  If you like a floral scent, this a good choice.  Try this tip and let me know your thoughts!


So let’s get to the show….

Is Cultural Awareness Geographical?

I spent a few days in the Bay area of California and can honestly say it was one of the best vacations I’ve been on, domestic and abroad.  During that time, I made a trip to the Black Panther Exhibit in Oakland and was completely overwhelmed with emotions.  Stay tuned for a future blog post about that trip.

This particular episode, I spoke with a good friend, Tinisha Williams, who grew up in the Bay Area, but moved to Houston, TX, for her undergraduate studies.  We talk about being culturally aware, and if that awareness has anything to do with where you live.  We also discuss culture appropriation, and when we first realized that we were black, and that we are hated for being what God created us to be.

If you want to read the article(s) mentioned regarding dreadlocks and the appropriation, read below:


Thank you all for tuning in!!

♥ Starr

In my Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast

Recorded at Barron Studios in Houston, TX

Music Cred:SK Beats
Song: Here I Come
Website: SK Beats Website

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NOVEMBER // 14 // 2016

InMyOpinion Cover ArtEPISODE 07                                                         GUEST CO-HOST: JOHARI MILLS

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Image from Satin Lined Caps

Little black girls are taught to protect their hair, before bed, at an early age.  I remember going to bed with a head scarf, especially the night before picture day, but I never REALLY knew the purpose.  As a teenager, I used a head scarf to keep that wrap in place! Now, as an adult, I get it.  To keep it short and simple, sleeping on cotton dries black hair, that’s technically why we sleep on satin, or silk, for my high siddity readers out there.

Historically, hair scarves and bonnets have not been visually appealing, but now they are making a transition.  If you your boo is not  a fan of the scarves or bonnets, opt for a satin pillowcase.  I’ve linked a few businesses that provide great options for you.

Satin Lined Caps –  Black owned and offers bedtime beanies that are satin lined on the interior and can be worn for bed or for casual wear.  They also offer , scrunchies, pillow cases, and satin lined baseball caps.  Super Cute!!

Eboni Curls – Black owned and an endless selection of products including, bonnets, turbans, scrunchies, pillowcases, and more.  They also offer a variety of prints for each product.

Before Bed Headz – Black owned bedtime scarves with a bit of sparkle.  The headscarves and shower caps are embellished to give you a more luxurious feel while you slumber.


Now let’s get into the Podcast…



There has always been a strong connection between black women and hair.  This episode’s co-host, Johari Mills, calls it our Mood Ring.  I remember my first “big chop”, at 18, came right after a big breakup.  My boyfriend, at the time, was obsessed with long hair, and I felt that not only was cutting it all off a big “fuck you” to him, but it also freed me.  It freed me of the box he put me in, and gave me the permission to start over anew.  After speaking with a few other women, we all had very similar stories.  Our hair also allows us to be creative and I’ve seen some pretty creative hair styles in my life, both good and bad, but still creative.  During this episode we talk about that relationship between black women and their crown, whether natural hair is a trend, movement, or lifestyle, culture appropriation, and teaching our littles the importance of embracing our culture through hair, fashion, and dance!

img-1187_1_origJohari is not only my hair stylist, but she is a teacher of African Dance, (check out Girl Blew) a mother of a son, and a business owner.  I’ve learned a lot from her through the years and I hope that her energy spills through the speakers of this episode. If you are in the Houston area and are in need of a hair stylist, visit Flower-Childs Salon.  She also carries those satin bonnets mentioned in the Beauty Tip of the Week.  Her hair care, guidance, and instruction has my hair flourishing!

Below are the links to the articles mentioned in this episode:

Marc Jacobs Show Comes Under Fire For Featuring White Models With Dreadlocks

Employers Can Now Legally Discriminate Against People With Dreadlocks

Thank you all for tuning in!!  As always, share your thoughts in the comments.  I look forward to hearing your feedback!

♥ Starr

In my Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast  // Recorded at Barron Studios in Houston, TX

Music Cred: Tha Silent Partner
Song: It’s Me Again
Website: Tha Silent Partner

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OCTOBER // 17 // 2016

InMyOpinion Cover ArtEPISODE 05                                                         GUEST CO-HOST: DANIEL WARE

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BEAUTY TIP/ITEM OF THE WEEK – Terresentials pure earth hair wash

img_0536Caring for hair while in a protective style is crucial.  One of my favorite products to use to cleanse my scalp while in protective styles, is the mud/clay wash from Terresentials.  Read my full story here.




Onward and Upward….to the Podcast

A number of stereotypes plague every minority group around, however, I am only aware of those that affect me.  As a black woman, climbing the corporate ladder and shattering glass ceilings is a hard fete.  For me, I’m a very opinionated person, but at times when voicing my opinion, I’m viewed as aggressive, angry, or in some cases, a (black) bitch.  If you put together a group of professional black men and women, of all ages, the stories of discrimination, disrespect, and discounting will all sound the same.  img_0751I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, but these are facts.  On the podcast, this week, I brought in Daniel Ware, an opinionated soul, in his own right, but also a professional, and highly intelligent, to discuss his experiences of being black in corporate America.

After you have listened to the episode, read this article from discussing why there are so few black men in C-level positions in corporate America.

We also discuss what we, as a culture need to do to overcome these issues.

Thank you all for tuning in!!

Do the work!

♥ Starr

In my Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast

Recorded at Barron Studios in Houston, TX

Music Cred:SK Beats
Song: Here I Come
Website: SK Beats Website

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OCTOBER // 10 // 2016

InMyOpinion Cover ArtEPISODE 04                                                         GUEST CO-HOST: DR. ASHANDRA BATISTE

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Let’s be honest, going to the dentist is the last place any of us would voluntarily go.  I’ve always considered my trip to the dentist as a necessary evil.  It was always an awkward encounter, cold lobbies with uncomfortable cafeteria chairs and outdated magazines.  The staff was never very warm and inviting and I always run the hell out of there when it was all over.

HOWEVER, we all know we have to go to the dentist.  We need dental care! I’m so happy that I found Dr. Batiste.  She is amaze balls!  Honestly.  Truly.  Not only is she a bomb ass dentist, she’s a bomb ass wife,  mom, and an entrepreneur…A mompreneur!

If you are in the Houston area, give her a call for your dental needs at Elite Dental Wellness at 713.960.4090.  Follow her on Twitter,  IG and Facebook.

Listen in to the podcast as Dr. B schools us on dental care and how she balances being a mom and a BOSS!

Thank you all for tuning in!!

Laugh often!

♥ Starr

In my Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast

Recorded at Barron Studios in Houston, TX

Music Cred:Poddington Bear
Song: Anthem Summer
Website: Sound of Picture

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OCTOBER // 3 // 2016

InMyOpinion Cover ArtEPISODE 03                                                         GUEST CO-HOST: SHABAZ “PLAYTIME” WARD

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We can all probably agree that being single is no walk in the park.  We would prefer it to be a long romantic walk on the beach, but it isn’t.  In the first episode, Why are you Single?, we discussed the single life from a woman’s perspective.  me-and-shabazI wanted to get the viewpoint from a male’s perspective, so I enlisted my crazy funny comedian friend, Shabaz “Playtime” Ward and he brought the jokes and knowledge.

Let’s face it, we all have all the questions, but nobody can seem to find the answers.  I hope that after listening to episodes one and three, that we somehow answered at least one of your questions.  If not, then read this article I found on

If you want to keep up with Shabaz and his antics, follow him here on TwitterInstagramFacebook and  @ShabazPlaytime on Snapchat.   Also if you are in the Houston area, go check him out at his Stand Up show and recording, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.”  Get your tickets here.

Thank you all for tuning in!!

Laugh often!

♥ Starr

In my Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast

Recorded at Barron Studios in Houston, TX

Music Cred:SK Beats
Song: Here I Come
Website: SK Beats Website


SEPTEMBER // 19 // 2016


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s-l225Due to my extremely dry skin, it’s crucial that I stay moisturized.  When packing for my trip to Haiti, I knew that I needed something to combat the dryness, but I didn’t want to feel oily and attract mosquitoes.  I found this aloe vera gel while browsing the aisles at Trader Joe’s.  I applied it at night, after my shower and it kept my skin soft and moisturized through the entire following day!  In addition to using the aloe vera gel as a skin moisturizer, if your hair is dry, like mine and most naturally curly ladies, you can mix the gel in your conditioner and apply as usual.  It gives great moisture and shine.  I like to mix in aloe vera gel in a spray bottle with water, glycerin, vitamin e oil, and lemon grass essential oil for fragrance.  I usually use this spray mixture to refresh my curls in the morning.  Do a little research on aloe vera gel, it has great benefits.  Find your local Trader Joe’s here.  If you are nowhere near a TJ’s, you can find the aloe vera gel here, and have it shipped directly to you.


Yoga and Meditation have extreme benefits to our minds, body, and health!  This weeks episode featured three beautiful ladies who are serious about their inner peace! Tune in to Episode 2 of the In My Opinion podcast and listen to amazing wisdom from Veronica (FacebookInstagram) , Dih-Ana (Facebook) , and Michelle (Instagram).

You can catch Veronica’s classes at Afterglow Yoga – Missouri City, TX / / Powerhouse Gym –  Lake Jackson, TX / / Angleton Recreation Center – Angleton, TX.  Keep up with Dih-Ana and Michelle through their social media pages.

Yoga and meditation is such a deep subject and we didn’t have time to even touch the surface.  I’m definitely going to have the ladies back on the podcast in the very near future.


♥ Starr

In my Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast

Recorded at Barron Studios in Houston, TX

Music Cred:Mahogany Marie
Song: Kick Back

september // 12 // 2016


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I wanted to start a podcast as a branch of the blog, but was unsure of the process.  I wrote the idea down in my list of 101 goals to achieve in 1001 days, which meant that I absolutely HAD to follow through.  Once you write it down, your committed.  Although I wanted the podcast to be an extension of the blog, I also wanted to tackle other issues.  Issues that affect my community as a black person, a woman, and a black woman.  It’s quite common of today’s generation to look at celebrities and their reactions to issues that affect us, but realistically, their resources are out of reach for most of us.  As a result, I thought that I could bring regular people on the podcast to discuss real life issues with solutions attainable to real every day people.  I aim to not only bring serious issues and concerns, but also light hearted and fun topics all while learning and laughing!

I’m a very opinionated soul and I stand firm in my beliefs, but I also take time to listen and take in the opinions of those around me, the people in my life that I like to call my tribe.  We all have different journeys and separate paths, yet all reaching for the same star.  I hope that my tribe will be as influential to all of you as they are to me.

Episode 01 features my long time friend and college mate, Shamia Williams.  img_0357We talk about living single in today’s times and try to answer the age old question, “Why are you single?”  We tried to tackle this topic in an hour, but it was nearly impossible, so I hope to have her back on the podcast to finish up and also include feedback from you after you hear the initial episode.  If you would like to weigh in, please don’t hesitate.  Feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media outlets or simply comment below!  I can’t wait to hear from you.

In the meantime, all of my married people, take a gander at this article and let me know your thoughts!

Things Marrieds Shouldn’t Say to Single Women In Their 30s

Listen to the episode here.


I’m a lover of perfume and sometimes wonder if, and oftentimes when, the fragrance removed itself from my body.  There are also moments when my days go on for ours, periodically leaving home before sunrise and returning after sunset, hoping that my fragrance lasted throughout the entire day.  I would advise you to keep a cute perfume roller in your bag for days like this, but to be honest, you may not always have a roller available.  Don’t worry, I have found the solution to your problem.  Rub a small amount of vaseline on your application spots, and spray the perfume on top.  Using the vaseline as a base.  This technique will make your perfume last longer without having to reapply!  I have included my favorite fragrances for you to shop, below. Also, keeping in line with all things “vaseline,” I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the lip butter.  I have very dry skin which unfortunately includes dry lips.  Lips that oftentimes burn in the summer.  I found this lip butter in my local drug store and haven’t looked back.  The product is moisturizing without being greasy and has a nice smell.  The Cocoa butter is my fave!  Not to mention, the little tin cans are stinking adorable. Pick one up the next time you’re pressing the aisles of the corner drug store.

Vaseline and Perfume

  1. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne 30ml/1.0 Fl oz. • Jo Malone • $65.05
  2. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Black Opium’ Eau de Parfum • Saint Laurent • $27–115
  3. Miu Miu Eau de Parfum • Miu Miu • $68–118
  4. Chanel Chance , Eau De Toilette Spray • Chanel • $60–125
  5. Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly – 7.5 oz • Vaseline • $3.49
  6. Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Tin 0.6 oz • Vaseline • $3.49

Again, thank you so much for taking time to listen to me on the podcast and reading all about my life and loves on the blog.  You are greatly appreciated.  If you have ideas for the podcast or topics you would like discussed, feel free to comment below.

Hugs and Kisses!
♥ Starr

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